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Casey Ferrara





Meet the “Through Our Eyes” Artists

Madison House Autism Fondation, 1 April 2014 Picture by Esther Brokaw Esther Brokaw was...

Zenaviv Sells Work by Artists on the Autism Spectrum

By Gretchen Hintze, The Mighty, 5 July 2017

The Value of Art Therapy for Those on the Autism Spectrum

By Kate Lacour, The Art of Autism, 20 September 2018 The most popular treatment for Autism is behavior...

These Artists Prove Autism is No Barrier To Creativity

By Violet Fenn, Metro, 21 April 2018 ...

Too Much Information by Don’t Panic

Don't Panic, 2018 ...


Interview with Dee Marks, Parent Mentor for Dublin City Schools

Interview by Casey Ferrara Can you briefly describe the professional work you do to provide support for families navigating...


Autism and Sports Survey

A survey was conducted to explore the challenges faced by children with Autism while participating in sports. There was a total of...