CyberSport – Virtual Reality Game for Those with Autism


Many children with Autism have difficulties with sensory overload and distractions while playing sports. With this virtual reality sports game, those who struggle with sensory overload can participate in sports without having to worry about certain cause and effect sensory issues. In this virtual reality game, players will be able to learn the skills of different sports without having to use physical equipment. This game allows children with Autism to enjoy their experience of playing sports. Virtual reality offers children the opportunity to interact with others in a social environment and develop their social skills. In this game, users will stand in front of a projected screen. Everything needed to play a sport will be on the screen, so no physical sporting equipment is needed.

For example, to teach children how to kick a soccer ball, users will stand in front of the projection. Their silhouette, a soccer ball and a net will appear on screen. The game will show the user how to kick the soccer ball towards the goal. Then, the user will complete the same motion. The game will sense the motion and kick the soccer ball towards the goal, potentially making a goal. Users will learn the skills needed to kick a soccer ball without having to interact with a physical ball.