Monday, April 15, 2024

Kaitlyn Smith (Priority Design)






Designed Dexcom Patches:

Patch Pro adhesive tapes are the newest hypoallergenic patch on the market.  Designed to secure your Dexcom CGM, OmniPod, infusion sets, or insulin pump...

What Letting Kids Choose their own Clothes Means to Them.

Picking an outfit for your child seems like a logical choice. You dress them appropriately for the weather conditions and the given situations,...

How to Design Kids Toys

Toys are a vital part of a child’s development because they are the treasures of childhood and help children to stimulate their...

Create Your Own Minifig

Byron Bricks was technically started all the way back in late 2016 when a family friend of ours gave me a large box...

The Rise of Immersive Art

In 2020, the Serpentine Galleries, in London, released a report titled “Future Art Ecosystems.” It surveyed emerging practices among artists who work...


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