Monday, July 15, 2024

Mae Welty





Clever Park Cuts Airport Noise Pollution In Half

Summary Some airports are experimenting with a new solution: Land art that disrupts sound waves while doubling as a...

Four ways workplace art can boost productivity

A body of research exists explaining how well-thought-out office art can inspire staff and increase wellbeing and productivity. Having art around you...

15 Intricate Facts About Mazes

Mazes were designed to be serene and introspective, and followed a single circuitous path. In Germany, for instance, young men would walk through...

Some Parallels in Textiles and Composition

When one considers the relationship of sound to textiles, one’s focus can shift scales, from the sound of fabric moving over skin...

Acoustic Moss Wall Panels

Moss walls serve a multitude of purposes and have a range of benefits. Firstly, they incorporate strong biophilic principles; an increasingly popular design...


Downtown Dayton Survey

Downtown Dayton Survey

The aim of my survey was to gain a better understanding of Dayton locals and their relationship and perception of the area....