Zenaviv Sells Work by Artists on the Autism Spectrum


By Gretchen Hintze, The Mighty, 5 July 2017 https://themighty.com/2017/07/zenaviv-autism-art/

After Himal Bikmal was diagnosed on the autism spectrum, his parents began researching everything they could. What they learned about their son and autism turned into Zenaviv, a company which sells artwork created by people on the autism spectrum.

One day, when Sandhya was painting, something she did as a hobby, Himal grabbed her paintbrush and began dabbing at the canvas. From there, Bikmal and Sandhya decided to help Himal pursue painting. They approached an art teacher for guidance, and within about three months, Himal’s painting skills had improved.

Bikmal told The Mighty he hopes Zenaviv provides another way for those on the spectrum to live a productive and fulfilling life. Having helped foster his son’s love of art, Bikmal said he encourages other parents to help their children find their talents and creative outlets. “Look for clues from your child,” he said. “Look for clues from your child, and pursue them.”

This article goes to show that Autism is not a barrier to participating in things that typical humans do. Himal and his family were able to create a business from their son’s talent as well as raise awareness for Autism.