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Art and the Automobile

Art and the automobile have a longstanding relationship that's sometimes straightforward, sometimes abstract. Defining what art is will always be nebulous, but...

Automotive Companies are Putting Contemporary Art in the Driver’s Seat

Built by craftsmen and technicians with extraordinary sensitivity for contour, color, intricate details, and eye-grabbing verve, the world’s premier automobiles are aesthetic...

Framing John DeLorean

Framing John DeLorean, takes hybrid documentary filmmaking to a grand level, in its operating design to tell a true story, about John...

Are Car Design Rendering’s Fine Art?

Virgil Exner Sr.’s drawings of the Stutz Blackhawk is considered a beautiful drawings and beautiful car, but possibly there is more to...

Syd Mead’s Impact On Design and the Future

Syd Mead was a visual futurist, automotive designer, motion picture concept designer, industrial designer, and an inspiration to almost everyone working in...