Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Maria Basile





Children’s Art During The Pandemic Offers a Window

With mental health being such a big issue for both parents and children during the pandemic and the transition to online schooling,...

Artists Find Ways to Help Families Get Through Coronavirus Pandemic

This project is an excellent example of the benefits of art in difficult times. Similar to the other projects presented in the...

Homeschool During Coronavirus: How Parents and Kids are Reacting

This video/short documentary was an interesting look into how parents and children are feeling about online school during the pandemic. Overall, it...

The Great Realisation

This poem/bedtime story may not be directly related to education or online learning, but it is related to the pandemic and the...

A Viral Poem is Helping Parents Through COVID-19. But Some Disagree

This poem stood out to me because it looked on the bright and hopeful side of something that is otherwise a very...

Embracing Student Creativity With a Wonder Shelf

This is a simple solution that can help increase student engagement in the home just as it did for this teacher in...


Data Visualization


Data Visualization