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Creative Art Therapy for Stroke Patients

Physical therapy for stroke patients are an essential part to recovery that addresses a large breadth of ailments that people face after...

The Benefits of Music in Rehab

For stroke patients, neuroplasticity-- a process in which neural connections in the brain are modified, adapted, or changed in structure and function,...

The Art in Prosthetics

There’s an unfortunate stigma surrounding medical conditions, and those afflicted can feel a sense of shame or isolation as a result of...

Bridging Technology & Fashion

CuteCircuit, a luxury fashion brand founded in 2004, was the world's first wearable technology fashion brand that created the world's first internet-connected...

Wearable Technology as Fashion Pieces

Wearable technologies have emerged from the need for functionality. Leading pioneers in this field of wearables such as Apple and FitBit...