Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Cecilia Li





Could It Be Her Voice? Why Scarlett Johansson’s Voice Makes Samantha...

By Juliana Schroeder 2014 This article was originally published on The Psych Report before it became part of the Behavioral Scientist in 2017.

‘Exercise Snacking’ & Y7 Studio

By Katie Kindelan Exercise snacking has nothing to do with eating chips during a SoulCycle...

The Fitness Video Channel for Kids

By Steven John 2020 One of the largest obstacles preventing today's youth from getting the proper amount of exercise...

Creativity, Through Tom Sachs’ In Situation Resource Utilization (I.S.R.U)

Exercising your imagination during isolation is just as important as exercising your body. That’s why Nike has partnered up with long-term collaborator...

The Nike campaign for Coronavirus

By Federico Rossi 2020 Through social media, Nike has published a message that reads ''If you've ever dreamed of...