Inclusion – Educational Starter Kit


Many people do not understand how to best teach a child with Autism how to play sports. This business model is focused around providing educational tools to help people better understand how to teach children with Autism how to play sports. This system would allow peers, parents or educators to order different kinds of educational starter kits online that would include general information on Autism, physical assessments instructions as well as teaching tips and tricks to teach a child with Autism how to play sports. There would be different levels of kits: beginner, intermediate and advanced. The beginner level starter kit would include a lot of information on Autism so users can gain a better understanding on the topic. It would also include information on how to get to know a child that you are working with better and how to interact with a child with Autism. As the level of starter kit gets higher, the kits will include things like physical assessment instructions to help people gain a better understanding of their child’s abilities, in order to help them teach to their child’s skill level. All kits would include tips and tricks on how to best communicate and work with children with Autism while playing sports. Kits will continually be updated every year to include the latest educational tools and physical assessments.