Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Conner Buel





Car as canvas: Banksy, Warhol and more turn autos into artworks

"As early as 1909, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti dreamed up a racing car with a "bodywork adorned with large tubes resembling snakes with...

Mraz Recreates a Porsche 906 from Pieces of Its History

"Queally won the opportunity to have his car memorialized by Mraz—who has worked with famed car collectors like Peter Mullin and James...

The 1920s were the Golden Age of Car Design

"Those same designers and builders were also influenced by the Art Deco revolution of the day, leading to the creation of some...

How Objects become Interesting

"The psychological explanation of the nature and significance of familiarity is that it figures dynamically in the formation of, and changes in,...

Driven to Beauty, Driven to Distraction

"The relationship between society (automobile culture) and the art world (culture culture) has traveled in both directions. Remove the text from a...