Saturday, May 25, 2024

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Meet Me Mural

‘Riding up Front’ art group features immigration stories of Uber, Lyft...

By Tatiana Sanchez There’s the story of Muhammad, the Pakistani driver who wants his 7-year-old daughter to become a...

Art starts at bus stops

By Michael Kelley PORTLAND — Bus shelters in Portland have become a new canvas for public art.

Google Is Using Its Doodle Art Series to Salute Workers on...

By Sarah Cascone You may have noticed a theme for the daily Google Doodles of the past two weeks: each one...

How a Brooklyn Artist Is Making Black Women Her Focus

By Sandra E. Garcia The faces of the women in her portraits are often partly covered by a mask...

Portraits of Essential California Workers

By Aashna Malpani, Deena Sabry and Stephanie Penn Today we have a dispatch from students at the University of California, Berkeley, Graduate School...