Monday, July 15, 2024

Matthew Turnquest (Priority Design)





Functional Art and Water Science

Summary "Recent interest in science art collaborations seems to have focused on how artists can benefit from technological advancements...

Modular Fashion

Summary “Under the umbrella of transformable fashion is also the concept of “modular fashion.” Modular fashion refers to clothing...

How Sport and Art can be Effective in Learning

Summary Sport: “Researches show that as the improvement of health and nutritional condition can be effective on physical growth,...

Nike’s Merger of the Arts and Science

Summary Nathan VanHook, Nike's soccer design director, did an interview prior to the 2016 Rio Olympics. He specifically discussed...

Pave Stone Seats Encapsulate the Beauty of Nature

Summary "Pavé Stones, Pavé Log and Pavé Drink are the three versions of the collection of seats and...