College Nannies and Tutors: Doing Well While Doing Good


College Nannies and Tutors is a company that stands out to me because of the demographic doing the child-care: college students. A lot of typical, full-time nannies might have children themselves, so during the pandemic when many children are doing school from home, a lot of nannies have to stay home to take care of their own kids. However, college students are also schooling from home right now, are less likely to have a family of their own, and are often looking for part-time jobs to pay their way. They are the perfect people to be helping out families right now who have kids at home but still need to work.

“College Nannies and Tutors: Doing Well While Doing Good.” Be The Boss,

“Founded in 2001 as the nation’s first and only organization combining the childcare and tutoring industries, College Nannies and Tutors has become the single most unique franchise opportunity in the children’s services arena.

“As owners of a full-service retail-based staffing firm, our franchisees specialize in placing nannies, sitters, homework help, and college prep tutors and provide a trusted one-stop shop for the needs of families “from cradle to college”.

“By offering both childcare and tutoring services, our business concept eliminates the limitations caused by the seasonality of each of these individual markets while providing remarkable opportunities for cross-sales and customer retention.

“College Nannies and Tutors owners enjoy a cash-based business with no payroll funding issues, large protected territories with tremendous growth potential, multiple revenue streams, semi-absentee/manager-run options, and so much more.”