Homeschool During Coronavirus: How Parents and Kids are Reacting


This video/short documentary was an interesting look into how parents and children are feeling about online school during the pandemic. Overall, it seemed like parents were a little overwhelmed and trying to keep up with what their kids were supposed to be doing, but were excited to be more involved in their children’s learning and growth as a student. A lot of the children seemed to be missing their friends, teachers, and the overall routine of the school day, but seemed to enjoy the flexibility this new type of school was giving them. How might I capitalize on both the positives and the negatives of online schooling in what I design?

I enjoyed how the parents and children were filming each other when making the video. It is a creative way of not only sharing how they’ve been doing with others, but communicating with each other as well. I think it was purposefully set up that way to make the film seem more personal since the situation of learning from within your home with your family is something that can be very personal and intimate. How might I account for this intimacy within the home?