Exploring Opportunities for Equitable Employee Child Tutoring Services during COVID-19


Employee child-care exists as a benefit at some companies, but now, parents need someone to watch their children during the times they’d normally be at school due to COVID-19. Some parents have the privilege to quit their job. But many parents cannot afford to not work, and even when working don’t have room in the budget for someone to watch and teach their kids every day. Some parents juggle working from home while trying to help their child through assignments, while others have no choice but to work away from home.

Many businesses are strapped for money at this time as well, but might providing tutoring for the children of their employees improve their retention, respect, and performance in the company? Could they identify other assets within the company (interns, educational experts, etc) that could help with the problem? How might this work in a way that ensures help for people with lower-paying or blue-collar jobs?