Ford Developing 3D-Knitted Car Seat Covers

Ford is exploring the possibility of offering fully customizable 3D-knitted car seat covers


“This development follows in the treads of the new Puma, which is the first Ford vehicle to offer fully removable seat covers. Not only do removable seat covers make it easier to keep the interior clean, but it enables drives to upgrade to different materials and swap them out when seasonally appropriate.”

“What’s more, the process creates less waste, can use recycled materials, and cuts down on imperfections and wrinkles.”

“Leveraging a form of 3D printing used in the production of clothing and furniture, Ford would give customers the ability to craft car seats that address their every need — up to and including wireless charging and Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities.”

The News Wheel. (2019, November 13). Ford developing 3d-knitted car seat covers. The News Wheel.

By offering more opportunities to create more customizable features, the interior has a chance of causing more harm than good by creating more waste. An example that comes to mind is the durability of phones. They are designed to be durable enough for use with caution, but as soon as they are dropped onto pavement or rough surfaces, the phone is cracked and often broken beyond repair. This causes the customer to need a new phone. To counter act this, phone cases are a billion dollar industry. Completely unnecessary if phones were built more durably. The same concept comes to mind with removable seat covers instead of providing durable seating to begin with.


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