What to Expect from Automated-Vehicle Interiors

Inside the cocoon, a interesting take on the horizon of vehicles.


“The traditional automotive interior is built around the driver and the steering wheel for the best possible control and view of the vehicle’s surroundings,” says Klaus Bischoff, head of design for the Volkswagen Group. “The autonomous interior, however, is based on the passenger’s needs. The autonomous interior gives passengers time to do what they want while getting where they want to go.”

“User-experience (UX) designers research potential customers to better understand and empathize wants and whims in hopes of breathing life into a UI that understands routines, habits, emotions, and desires.”

Using more advanced technology can provide safety, entertainment, and use tools to assist users in transportation. Placing is important to accommodate many different passengers, as well as UX research into how users might interact with these tools.

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