Lexus LF-Z Electrified Concept, the installation is punctuated by electrification, technology, and bespoke design


“Two swings anchor the display, each suspended within illuminated arches in a nod to the classical architecture that is both foundational to the design of civic infrastructure and central to the University of Miami’s curriculum, alluding to a gateway between our present and the possibilities of the future.

This arch is echoed in furniture with embedded LED lighting designed by Barnes and his team specifically for the installation, providing discrete areas for rest, repose, and recharging — reflecting the brand’s commitment to the principle of omotenashi (exceptional hospitality).

The entire installation is unified by a unique lighting scheme, designed to enable engagement from users around the world via an interactive virtual model unveiled online alongside the physical display.”

What is interesting about this piece of art is it incorporates color and lighting, while keeping its form. It asks for audience participation in customization.

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