Create Your Own Minifig


Byron Bricks was technically started all the way back in late 2016 when a family friend of ours gave me a large box of LEGO at a garage sale to sell when my family used to live in the States. After sorting through the box I found characters and sets which rekindled a lot of memories of building LEGOs as a little kid and the names of parts and sets from my own childhood, and from then I started flipping people’s used boxes of LEGOs to make some money as a teenager.

As I made the figures by hand this was very labour intensive and I was banished to my room for what seemed like an eternity as each figure took 45 minutes to an hour to make, so after the hype died down and the anniversary passed I had the idea to expand this little business by taking out a business loan and buying a massive state of the art printer put it in my bedroom as we had no where else to put it.

This printer really kick started the business and meant I can print hundreds of figures a day instead of ten or so figures by hand in superior quality to before and from then the business evolved to enable people to make their own custom characters online.

Make your own Personalized LEGO Figure!

You can customize your character to make the perfect figure by changing aspects like the face, body, legs and more!


Byronbricks is just one example of a customizable toy brand that caters towards customers individual needs. By allowing custom orders for Lego figurines with choice of outfit, message or photo printed on them, users can create exactly what they want for themselves or a friend. This level of customizability is something I strive to include in my product whether that be during the ordering process or a customizable feature included in use. There’s always an additional level of excitement to a product when you get some say in the visual aesthetics of it that grows ones personal attachment to it.


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