This design conjecture is a children’s wearable wristband. The wristband is complete with small alert lights to communicate hydration levels of child. It utilizes a small hydration biosensor used by many athletes and athletic tech companies to monitor hydration during and after workouts.

This conjecture pulls from the secondary research done in the science and technology industries. This type of sensor is fairly popular and reliable. It only needs a small amount of sweat to detect hydration levels, picking from what the perspiration on the child’s skin. The information is communicated through small colored lights to tell the parent when the child is dehydrated, hydrated, and even overhydrated (not as common but extremely dangerous). More detailed levels such as suggestions for recommended water intake would be communicated through a corresponding app on the parents phone. This app could also give them recommended intake at certain times of the day once it learns the child’s schedule and resulting hydration levels.


-Lights not necessary

-Can the results remain on the app interface?

-Simple, not fun enough to prompt a kid to wear it