Be there for Baby with the Owlet Dream Sock, from the brand that has monitored over 1 million babies. The Owlet Dream Sock wraps comfortably around your baby’s foot to safely and accurately track Baby’s Sleep Quality Indicators, including heart rate, average oxygen level, movement, and wakings. View these indicators, as well as Baby’s current sleep state and more, in the Owlet Dream App.

NEW Predictive Sleep Technology automatically tracks your baby’s sleep and wake windows so you don’t have to, and the Dream App will let you know when Baby might be ready for sleep—before they’re overtired.

The Dream Sock wraps around your baby’s foot comfortably and is the only baby monitor to track heart rate and average oxygen as Sleep Quality Indicators, as well as wakings, movement, and current sleep state.

Our advanced algorithm learns your baby’s natural sleep behaviors, or expected baseline. If the Sock detects that Baby’s Sleep Quality Indicators are different than their expected baseline, you will receive a Sleep Assist prompt, letting you know that you may need to check on Baby.

Everything you’ll get when your Dream Sock arrives.

One Dream Sock Sensor

Four Fabric Socks – Fits babies 0-18 months, 5-30lbs

Wireless Charging Base Station

Access to the Owlet Dream App and our Predictive Sleep Technology

[Sock Plus Only] Two Toddler-Sized Fabric Socks (30lbs to 55lbs)


This was a fascinating find. It is the closest product to what I was envisioning so it is cool to see it implemented and sold. The Owlet sock does not record hydration but monitors sleep quality and heart rate and then send the information to the parents phone via app. This appears to be a pretty popular product with many satisfied parents. It is targeted towards infants so the solution does not apply to older children who might get fussy about a wearable product like this. The website is branded very well with satisfaction guarantees and FSA approval. The brand did have one similar product before that got shut down for FDA incompliance as it was not marketed as a health device and the FDA decided it was one. This is a good business plan to study given its connection of wearable tech and cellular phone application.


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