Independent IV Therapy Businesses: Helpful or Dangerous?


If you like working with people, enjoy health and wellness, and have a medical background, an intravenous (IV) hydration business could be your route to entrepreneurial success! IV hydration, or IV therapy, offers you the chance to make good money while helping people achieve health and wellness goals.

But first, what is IV hydration? Basically, it’s the use of intravenous injections to deliver health-boosting fluids directly into the bloodstream. For decades, linking a hospital patient to an IV drip has been standard operating procedure. 

But in recent years, non-hospital use of IV hydration has become increasingly popular due to the health benefits. The industry has grown quickly over the past decade as consumers have learned that IV hydration can deliver vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, fluids, and other supplements that increase hydration, ease headaches and hangovers, boost energy, and even improve your skin.


IV Therapy is an ever-growing business. Much more expensive than vitamin water and hydration tech drinks, it is in low demand but is addictive for those that receive it regularly. I do wonder how often the people that do this therapy need it. Does this mess up someone’s ability to recognize their own thirst? Is it safe to do these independently? The article mentions using this as a result of increasing alcohol consumption. That feels like putting a small band-aid over a massive problem. To start allowing people to rehydrate at such a fast rate feels unnatural and harmful to bodily functions and alerts.

I think health related businesses like IV Therapy need to be careful of their unintended long-term effects. It is so easy to start a health trend in the name of improving health quickly (dropping water weight, feeling more energized, bouncing back quicker after a night out). Soon, the body stops being able to produce these results on it’s own and one can send one’s body on a fast teeter totter of health levels. There’s a reason hydrating takes as long as it does and that we don’t drink a days worth of water in one sitting.


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