What Letting Kids Choose their own Clothes Means to Them.


Picking an outfit for your child seems like a logical choice. You dress them appropriately for the weather conditions and the given situations, plus they look well put together. It is hard to let go of that parental worry and control and let your child take the wheel on things. After all, we as parents know what’s best for them! But once you give them enough space to make their own decisions and develop a sense of individuality, you will be amazed to see their growth. Letting kids choose their own clothes means so much to them and could be an excellent parenting step to take now – and here is why.

Children are excellent observers, and they often want to show autonomy from their parents very early on. They are constantly developing a greater sense of independence.

By the age of 3, independence refers primarily to practical issues. At this period, children need to do everything themselves (get dressed, eat, etc.). Between the ages of 4 and 5, their opinions become important, primarily about what interests them – where to go, what to eat, and, in many cases, what to wear. By developing independence, they also create a sense of responsibility and self-determination.

When you give your children the opportunity to decide what they want to wear, you lay the foundation for their decision-making and problem-solving skills. Your child will feel important if you ask for their ideas when choosing clothes. Even at the age of 2 or 3, most children can decide whether or not they like a piece of clothing you have selected for them. It strengthens their ability to determine what they want and develop their opinions. Children need to be actively engaged in their own lives from an early age.

Self-expression in kids is something to be nurtured and celebrated. Do not impose your style on them. Another common mistake parents make is expecting that the child will always like what we choose for them. Let them find out and voice what they like and how they want to be seen. You are not building a mini version of yourself; instead, you should guide them to become the best version of themselves. This will help them be more confident in the future and find a strong sense of identity.


Kid’s independence is developmentally important even when it comes to seemingly trivial things like choosing clothes. Being given that choice also creates more trust and better relationships with their parents. Designing a wearable for children has a lot of similar elements to children’s fashion, where the kids will be more likely to agree to wear it and even possibly be excited to wear it if they have some choice in its aesthetics. Choice in things as simple as color makes kids feel as though they have more of a say than they might actually have.


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