What Should I Do? Kinsa Smart Thermometer Symptoms Guidance


When you aren’t feeling well, you might take your temperature…  but that readout won’t tell you what you really want to know. You’re wondering:

  • Is this serious?
  • What should I do?
  • Should I call the doctor?
  • How much work/school/life are we about to miss?
  • Who’s going to get it next?

While a simple thermometer can’t give you all those answers, Kinsa can. Guidance and care recommendations are built into Kinsa’s free app, offering advice based on your age, fever, symptoms and the illnesses circulating in your area.

Turn to the Kinsa App when illness strikes.

  • INDIVIDUAL PROFILES: Monitor fever and symptoms of the entire family
  • PERSONALIZED GUIDANCE: Receive age and illness-based recommendations in real-time to feel better faster
  • RECORD KEEPING: Keep a log of your family’s health on a timeline and share with a doctor
  • MEDICATION REMINDERS: Track medication dosages and set reminders
  • COVID-19 SUPPORT: Symptom and diagnosis support
  • LOCAL RISK: Know nearby illnesses on the rise so your can take the appropriate actions to stay well

Predict where infectious illness & allergy symptoms will spread, 20 weeks in advance

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Having personally bought and used a Kinsa Thermometer many times when I have been sick, I can directly speak on the usability of the device. It truly is very seamless. As soon as yo have a temperature reading, you get a notification on your phone, the app logs your data, and proceeds to provide you with recommendations for rest, fluid intake, and further steps. This is an ease of use that I am intent on including in my design. No need to open your phone and log it yourself, it keeps track for you. Individual profiles are also very helpful for parents who have multiple sick kids with varying symptoms and needs.


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