Designed Dexcom Patches:


Patch Pro adhesive tapes are the newest hypoallergenic patch on the market.  Designed to secure your Dexcom CGM, OmniPod, infusion sets, or insulin pump sites. Our adhesive is designed for those with sensitive skin and looking to extend the life of their sensor for 14+ days. Complete with custom design capabilities and curated patch collections, Peelz offers a variety of products for people with diabetes to track in style. Peelz sells replaceable patchs for every part of the insulin tracking process from the Dexcom G6 to the insulin pump


A wonderful example of bringing art and expression into the medical field. Diabetics know they will need to wear insulin trackers everyday for the rest of their life. People choose to place them in areas that are more out of the way in an attempt to hide the ugly medical monitor. By giving them a choice of personable patch adhesive, at least they have some freedom to use the device as a fashionable outlet to some extent.


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