What Is a Retail Storefront?


If you’re a small business owner who has a product to sell to the public, your first step will likely be setting up a retail storefront. Retail storefronts give you access to consumers, and can convey what your brand and products are all about to the general public. A retail storefront can be a valuable tool for marketing your business because customers are able to see and handle your inventory in person, which can lead to higher sales. Also, for many businesses, a storefront can be the first impression that new customers have of a brand. Many customers enjoy browsing at physical stores because they can see, touch and try on merchandise.People may come in browsing and end up buying something, whereas people shopping online have to either seek out your site or seek out something being sold by your site. Owners of physical stores can also take more steps to make their stores visually appealing

I found this interesting because there is an opportunity to manage sound from the busy street that the empty lot is located on. Although there will be no physical building because of the intention to turn the empty lot in an outdoor co-work space, there is still an opportunity for the design to generate positive first impressions that encourage community members and passerbys to utilize the space. This article also brings attention to how most things in recent times have been online, making this an exciting opportunity to encourage engagement for all community members. This article helps me ask the question of: How can I utilize the division between the street and the work area to be inviting as well as pay tribute to the historical personality?