Store Muu’s ‘Cycle In’ Desk Transforms Your Bike Into a Chair


The PIT IN desk from Japan-based Store Muu is a versatile desk that serves double duty as a safe place to store your bike. This sleek plywood desk is perhaps best suited for quick cafe pit stops, where it could save you the trouble of locking up outside. But we think it could also be a good justification for integrating our bikes into our homes, as it provides an opportunity to display and store our bikes at the same time. This design was nominated for the Design Report Award at the Milan Salone Satellite in 2009. Designs that seamlessly integrate our favorite form of transport into our lifestyles takes form in this product. Bicycle storage can be a hassle, especially for city dwellers living in tight quarters. But tech guy Andrew Mountain has come up with an awesome storage unit that will take your bike up and out of your way — literally! Called Floaterhoist, Mountain’s design is a simple and easy contraption made from three ropes that attach to the bike’s frame that are then channeled through a ceiling-affixed pulley system. The Floaterhoist will fit frames from small to large, and the device can hold up to 55 pounds. Impressively, the ropes can even climb all the way up to 10 foot ceilings!

I think it’s very interesting to explore current developments in the bike industry, and gain a better understanding of what is on the market. These concepts are helpful in gaining insight on how to incorporate bikes into other types of storage and productivity concepts. I think the combination of working and biking is an interesting topic and moving forward I plan to research ways to promote biking in general. This brings me to the question: is it helpful to the community to bridge working outdoors and riding one’s bike?