A Bike-Friendly Dayton, Ohio


Summary: The city of Dayton was selected as a Bicycle-Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists, and downtown plays an important role in a larger effort to enhance cycling culture. In 2015, Dayton implemented bike share transportation systems, and the city features 27 stations throughout Greater Downtown Dayton with a total of more than 200 bikes. The city accommodates riders by featuring permanent bike racks as well as bike lanes. The RiverScape MetroPark Bike Hub includes secure bike lockers, showers and restrooms, and is situated at the center of a 70+ mile regional bikeway system.

Analysis: With the city of Dayton having historical significance regarding the Wright brothers cycling shop, it seems to be a natural fit to amplify cycling efforts in the community. I think this article stood out as a good source because it highlighted various efforts that uplift a common goal of promoting a healthy mode of transportation in an urban landscape. I think further research into the benefits of bike riders commuting to and from work and other obligations would be ecologically mindful, as well as promote a healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically. I think it’s interesting that a very short article could highlight many different efforts that all play a small, yet instrumental role in starting a new precedent of bike riding in the city of Dayton. With this being said, I think it will be beneficial to research and observes ways in which incorporating cycling into co-work space can promote productivity.