Biolphilia for Sound Management


Installations such as moss are not only aesthetically pleasing, but serve various other functions. Moss is a natural sound absorber, making it an ideal solution for areas that are prone to disruptive noise. Moss is also fairly maintenance free, therefore the NAHA will not have to frequently water it. Moss as acoustic panel’s create a strong visual impact that it could be used for both artistic and scientific observation, and in high traffic areas, they can be strategically placed on a wall’s reflection points to deaden sound, creating a much calmer environment. This method explores how moss and biophilic installations can also serve as art that can help to boost productivity.

During my research I decided to explore mazes because I thought it would be an interesting way to consider breaking up the large outdoor space into different work areas using natural components. This concept expands on ways to promote proper sound absorption from moss while creating dedicated work spaces. The idea of balancing work and relaxation for productivity is considered because the maze provides an opportunity for workers to walk around to clear their minds. The form of the maze can also be arranged to provide individual and communal areas, promoting productivity for different types of users.