Digital Tools for Financial Education K-12


Using education technology as a tool to teach financial literacy to students can fill in any gaps in knowledge that are not being addressed by parents at home. 83% of teenagers end up unable to manage their money due to the sheer lack of knowledge. Education technology can help students learn these skills in highly personalized and engaging ways, allowing them to learn at their own pace. We all know that finance can be a complicated topic that most kids and adolescents will find quite intimidating. Still, education technology can break the subject down into more manageable chunks. 

Education technology can also be used to gamify finance, which will help with your students’ engagement and receptiveness as they learn. LMS (learning management systems) include games for the whole class to play together and a leaderboard that can be customized to let students earn points and win badges. 


The suggestion of games to engage students is brought up. I think k-12 is an interesting route, but I think focusing specifically on educating children may continue to perpetuate issues with financial literacy in financial education. It excludes older folks, those who aren’t or are no longer in school, dropouts. This also interests me in continuing research towards heteronormativity in k-12 curriculum and suggested ways to improve them.