Conjecture: Party in the Frunk


Since I focused on finding creative ways that people have used their car for activities, I created this conjecture, “party in the frunk”. I wanted to play with an idea that is more future forward while embracing the idea of creative glamping. This conjecture could be used for tailgating, camping, cookouts, drive-in movies, concerts, and more. The idea stems from the idea that electric cars will have this extra cargo storage called a frunk. In this conjecture, I wanted to create a version of a Honda SUV that has a frunk equipped with the tools to pursue outdoor activities.

While the trunk can hold all the lounging equipment, the frunk will hold the food for outdoor activities. The hood inside would have a thick, fabric lining that has pockets for small tools. The fabric portion can be swung out to create a shaded area over the entirety of the frunk. Inside the frunk would be equipped with a cooler, a griddle, and extra food storage space. I think each section should be removable in or adjustable to accommodate for the needs of the user. The frunk sections can also be temperature regulated with insulation lining so all food stays fresh.

Advantages of this conjecture is that this is looking towards possible uses of the vehicle cargo storage for an electric car. This idea is built into the car or can be added on in a certain trim level for customers who enjoy outdoor activities. Using the frunk for food specifically is a good way to establish separation between food items and outdoor equipment.

Some disadvantages of this conjecture are that a frunk can be relatively small, and may not be enough for some customers. This idea is not very accommodating for people with disabilities who cannot lift things in and out of the frunk easily. The shaded fabric component of the idea would have to refined to allow for maximum shade over the front of the vehicle. Finally, I am not sure what Honda electric cars will look like, so this encourages the incorporation of a frunk.