Fast-Transit by Jenny Feng

Fast-Transit is a service that gives users the opportunity to schedule a ride at home or in public. The goal is to find fast transportation while not worrying about fares and limiting interaction with the vehicle driver.

At home and using the app on a device, the user can book a ride that will come to them. Typically, this will result in a car coming to transport you to your desired location. Along the way you can decide if you want to share the vehicle. The fare will be shown before the start of the ride and any changes to the ride (sharing the vehicle) will result in a fare change. Through the app you can pay with your card or through a rewards system. You will earn points on your ride and that can apply to your payment.

If you need parcel pick up, Fast-Transit gives you the option to have a drone come and pick up your package. Eliminating the need to go to the post office for every little package. Similarly, businesses and people have the option to get the drone to deliver their packages.

At a bus stop, you can access the Fast-Transit app at the bus stop kiosk. Here you can schedule bus or car rides and pay in cash or credit. Car rides are the same as if you were to book a ride on your phone. But bus rides are automatically shared and may take longer. This allows for public bus transportation to stay while removing the need to interact with the driver unless needed.