Business Conjecture: Mobile Gym


The industry is trying to thinking beyond the traditional notion of a gym. During the research, I found gyms are getting more in favor of the convenience of the users. What if the location is not fixed, so that people don’t have to be bounded to one specific location for exercising. The mobile gym allows the users to pick where and when they want the gym to be. Instead of going to a gym, the users just need to wait for the gym to come.

There can be two options when renting a mobile gym: long term and short term. In a suburb environment, if consumers can choose to place for a longer period of time. For urban users, the Mobile gym has fixed locations in more populated residents. People also have the option of scheduling a mobile gym to be placed in parking lots, metropolitan parks, and any other public place, you name it.  Because it’s rent and lease based. At the end of the lease, they can renew or return the mobile gym to the factory where equipment can be maintained and replaced for the next lease. It’s the idea that no user is actually owning the gym.