Donovan: AI-powered Decision-making for Defense


Article Excerpt:

Donovan is an AI-powered decision platform to help operators understand, plan, and act in minutes instead of weeks.

  1. Ingests Data- Donovan ingests your organization’s data wherever it is – cloud, hybrid, or on prem – and no matter the type: emails, intelligence reports, orders, satellite imagery, and more.
  2. Manage Model- Donovan “understands” and organizes your data to make it interactable with a large language model that is fine-tuned and customized to your organization’s needs using Scale’s proprietary Data Engine.
  3. Operationalize- Operators and analysts ask questions of Donovan in an intuitive chat interface and go from there: sensor feeds, mapping, and model provenance all live within the platform.
  4. Generate Actions- Donovan produces a course of action (COA), summary report, and other actionable insights to help operators achieve their mission objectives.
  5. Improve Models- Donovan continues to learn and evolve to suit your organization’s needs.


The United States military is partnering with tech companies to explore the capabilities of AI within combat. Our government has partnered with Scale AI to implement “Donovan, AI powered decision making for defense.” This platform not only allows for mission-critical data to be accessed rapidly, but also provides the source for this data, allowing for full transparency throughout it translation.