Evolution of Warfare with Technology


Article Excerpt:

The evolution of warfare with technology needs to be contemplated by modern-day military strategists.

Warfare has been at the forefront of civilization. If there is an activity that is as old as human civilization, then it has to be war or conflict. The race on the battlefield has been of achieving competitive advantage over the enemy. This led warriors to don the inventor’s hat and led to a lot of developments which eventually created the timeline of the evolution of warfare.

When a new technology first appears, we have no idea what to do with it which leads to confusion and a response that is complying with the status quo. Technology without integration, or a conceptual underpinning, can be the hype before the letdown.

Technology will aid us in many ways, but technology will not solve all the problems. The conduct of war requires both science and art. Good leadership, quality soldiers, cohesive units and streamlined organization, are absolutely necessary. Although technology is making great advances, human beings remain the most effective systems for determining its relevance.

Technology does compel integration & pushes decision making downward. Training becomes a key aspect when we are trying to integrate tech into security. Technology is just a tool. True competitive advantage in warfare rests on the boots on the ground.


While this article seems to focus on the advances of technology in relation to warfare, it also emphasizes the idea that technology is not a one-way ticket to victory. Advances in tech need to coincide with advantages in training and technological literacy. These advances in tech contribute to gains within the science of war, but we also must consider the human element in regards to the art of war. Ariit Sengupta writes that “a gun is only as good as the person holding it,” perfectly summing up the idea that new technology alone will not ensure success unless adequate training and finesse of new tech follows suit.