War, AI and the New Global Arms Race | Alexandr Wang | TED


Article Excerpt::

Lethal drones with facial recognition, armed robots, autonomous fighter jets: we’re at the dawn of a new age of AI-powered warfare, says technologist Alexandr Wang. He explores why data will be the secret weapon in this uncharted landscape and emphasizes the need to consider national security when developing new tech — or potentially face all-out AI warfare.


It is important for our general public to become aware surrounding the new reality of warfighting and its techniques. Many individuals still synonymize the term “warfighting” with past methods of combat, namely the GWOT which took place in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Being the most recent global conflict that many of us have experienced, the GWOT has dug its roots into history books, familiarizing the general public to this desert-style of combat. However, it is time for us to become familiar with the current technologies that exist, and how they are translating into the realm of combat. New discoveries such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) are being used today as “super intelligent weapons of terror within combat. It is crucial that we begin to educate the general public surrounding this new tech, and to increase awareness surrounding the reality of combat in 2023.