3D Printed Cars to Hit The Road Next Year


Cars manufactured by 3D printers could hit the streets next year, the company behind the project announced this week.

The soon-to-arrive model, called “Reload Redacted Swim/Sport,” will feature customizable, interchangeable, sleek parts that can be arranged to fit individual tastes and lifestyles. The design, by Kevin Lo, a mechanical engineer from Vancouver, Wa., won a competition earlier this year. Lo received $7,500 plus royalties from future sales for his design.

“You can drastically change the look of your car and make it track-ready, fun, and sporty,” Lo told the Phoenix Business Journal. “With speakers on the outside of the car, I want the car to be the focus of everyone’s attention.”


I thought this was an interesting idea for vehicle design especially for 2015 but it also seems like thinking of cars in interchangeable parts could help think of what things could be edited. The article also includes an interesting video on driverless cars.



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