For this week’s conjecturing ideas, I tried to also design experiences without focusing on app ideas. So, as we talked about in class, designing a digital platform is just a form of user experience design rather than all of it.

Some pages on Instagram share posts as a reminder for their followers to promote some social values. So, users follow them to see their reminders of all other contents that may have adverse effects. Based on this behavior for this conjecture, I came up with the idea of designing a service like an extension or plugin that users can install on the different social media they use. This service will recognize the content they see with AI and show users some reminders. For example:

  • “You just saw your friends enjoying a concert. Remember, they chose to select just this happy moment of their lives.”
  • “This content promotes gender stereotypes, be aware that it may not be true.”

So, regarding what makes users use these plugins, one idea is that users can make money by installing this plugin! For example, a governmental social-related organization gives funding as part of its social change plans, like an investment. So, every user can get a small amount of money for using it.


  • Users may get tired of these reminders that the plugin shows them
  • Users may get used to these reminders and start to ignore them
  • What if the plugin is designed to just work for a specific period, in this case, users are aware that they are going to use it for that particular time duration, and it may prevent them from getting tired of it
  • I have minimum information on how the funding process work. And also, there are definitely better solutions than giving money to the users to use it. There could be other incentives for users to use this plugin.