Conjecture: Grey’s Boring Day


The aim of the design is to create a 2D narrative game, Grey’s Boring Day, with a unique art style to create a immersive player experience. The game’s scenario design is based on a horizontal 2.5D style. The purpose and meaning of 2.5D is to create a 3D feeling with 2D sprites; the inspiration of game style is referenced to the game, Hidden Corners.

[Hidden Corners]

The primary focus of this game is on art and narrative. With various options to push the game’s development, players can immerse themselves in the mundane life of the protagonist, Grey. The game’s overall theme is deliberately designed to create a depressing atmosphere and setting, utilizing exaggerated colors and melancholic ambient light. However, as players progress through the game and make choices, the story gradually evolves into something better.
While the game progresses in a positive direction, there is a sharp turning point in the middle of the plot that shapes a twist, adding an element of surprise and intrigue. As the player continues to make choices, each branch leading to a better story, the primary message of the game comes to the forefront: no matter what choices are made, the future will become brighter.
Potential questions:
How to control the number of story branches?
Is there too much branching in this design?
Will the overall workload be too much?