Screen Time Control APP


We are currently in a world that many younger generations are growing up with digital technology. Technology can be a great source of learning and entertainment. That is why children are spending more time facing a screen. However, long screen time can lead to many negative health issues during the child’s development stage. Long screen time is often associated with lower physical activity which is not a good thing and could potentially lead to obesity.

The time control app is an app that allows parents to register all the digital devices used by the child. After all the devices have been registered, the parent will be able to set a time limit on how long they allow their child to spend on each device per day. The device will be locked after the time is up. To increase physical activity, parents can also set a goal for their child. Once the child achieves their goal, the device can be unlocked for the child the next day. The idea behind it is to not only limit the screen time for a child but also prompt more physical activity.


  1. I like that there is no way around the shutdown. I wonder if this could apply to laptops as well. Maybe the phone could still text and call, but all the leisurely activities would be shut down with no way around it. It also teaches the child to work for a reward.