No Glove No Love: A Lesson on Consent


No Glove No Love features a glove and a wall with different buttons on it corresponding to different pressure points in the glove. When passersby push the buttons, different areas in the glove activate pressure to simulate the sensation of touch. The activity begins with the person wearing the glove unaware of what buttons the passersby touch. The person is asked how that feels when they don’t know where and when the pressure will activate. The passersby will go through a round of being unaware of what the buttons are doing and being aware of what the buttons are doing. They then are asked how it felt when they didn’t know what the buttons did and how it felt when they knew the person was unaware of what buttons were being pressed yet they pressed them anyway.


  1. Hi Leila, I think this conjecture is really thought provoking. I think it excels in interaction and I enjoy the overall concept of pressing buttons that activate pressure points on the glove. I think it would it be interesting to push it more in a direction that makes its message about sexual consent even more clear and perhaps the consequences of using this device could be more severe?


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