Please Alouder


Everything is read aloud: Road signs, shampoo labels, menus, etc. Imagine this, you walk into your favorite restaurant ravenous but have a difficult time reading their menu. No worries because Please Alouder will literally read aloud the menu at max volume. Just let the host know when something sounds appealing and you’re good to go! If you missed something or need something repeated, you’ll have to wait for Please Alouder to finish reading to completion before it starts again from the beginning:)


  1. Hi Aimee, This Please Alouder concept as we mentioned in class can point out and help see the issue of shame within literacy and how people are often afriad to disclose thier illiteracy or are shamed by it. In one of our articles it talks about being shamed even for reading certain types of books or media. The other point in this critical design conjecture is thinking about what role audio can have in helping someone learn to read and how sound can or can’t be a way to enhance literacy in certain designs.