Medbox Rx


Medbox Rx is an AI-driven vending machine (much like Redbox or the coke freestyle machines) where a user can walk up to it on the street and select a problem they are facing, once selected the box is equipped with a smart AI pharmacist that will assess your problem or prescription (if you inserted a prescription) and give you 3 suggestions for medications to pick based on this. The medications will all be relatively the same but with slight differences, such as name, generic brand alternatives, or different side effects. It is then up to the user to choose which one is best for them. The user can play the AI pharmacist in any language and can select how medical or non-medical their instructional terms are. These would be placed all throughout the community for people to use at their leisure. Once selected, the medication and instructions on how to take it would then dispense out of the bottom.


  1. This is a unique, potential, solution that would in fact allow individuals to receive help through the implementation of a medication vending machine. It appears that the AI system incorporated is compatible to all individuals and enables those who are seeking help the ability to identify what type of medication they need based upon what they want and how it will react to their symptoms (aka. side effects). The Medbox Rx defines an issue surrounding pharmaceutical literacy and provides a community member assistance with prepared ready to vend medications.