“Pavé Stones, Pavé Log and Pavé Drink are the three versions of the collection of seats and coffee tables for indoors and outdoors designed by Enzo Berti. It is inspired by the action that running water produces over time on stones, smoothing them.” (Kreoo, 2022)

“The Pavé collection turns the concept of meditative stacked pebbles into furniture. Rather than waiting for years for nature to take its course to create large, smooth pebbles, Kreoo employs modern techniques and materials to emulate Mother Nature as close as possible. And it’s not all just hard stone either, which would have made for an uncomfortable sitting and shipping experience.” (Torres, 2022)

“Pavè Stone is the result of the combination of two elements, one in natural stone and one in white or aged larch wood, or lacquered in customizable colours, joined together by a metal fixing” (Kreoo, 2022)


This project, though a direct representation, draws inspiration from the natural world. That point of reference may also prove useful in the context of design. Now more than ever we are capable of emulating the manner in which nature designs and develops (e.g. at scale and sophistication of the sub-atomic level.) Such capabilities will allow designers to question the most efficient ways to develop complex materials or silhouettes. For example, can we grow a product rather than manufacture it? I acknowledge that a large portion of this analysis is hypothetical. However, I find value in shifting my model of reference from solely existing sports technology.


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