The Canadian based company, Aurea, have recently developed the Shine Turbine as a means to provide convenient, clean energy. This portable wind turbine has been scaled down from its larger counterparts in an effort to accommodate accessibility. Despite its size, Shine is incredibly efficient at storing and generating electricity. This is made possible by the 40 Watt(W) turbine, complemented with an internal 12,000 mAh Li-Ion battery. (Padla 2022)

With electronics requiring larger amounts of charging power, access to off grid renewable energy has become more essential. For the users that engage in outdoor activities, like camping, Shine is best suited for replenishing their small devices: phones, cameras, laptops, lights. Direct access is made possible due to the usb port installed on the side of the turbine.

In regards to materiality, Shine is composed of aircraft-grade aluminum and injection-molded, polycarbonate-reinforced plastic. A built-in heat dissipator was incorporated as well. The aggregate of these components results in a product with the durability to last in harsh weather conditions.


Shine’s extensive storage capabilities are especially impressive due to its relatively small stature. If my wearable solution orientated towards a rehydration method, that would require some form of storage for whatever substance is resupplying the body fluid. That storage unit must not interfere with the athletes movements. It’s possible that a compact form could accomplish this goal. However, the key is in designing an efficient storage system. The limited space would equate to limited substance. Similar to the internal battery found in the turbine, the rehydration system requires a powerful storage cell.


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