Conjecture: Mania


The design is a 3D VR horror game Mania that connects the smartwatch and video game. The smartwatch is used to detect human blood pressure, heartbeat and other data, and transmits them to the system for analysis. Using the artificial intelligence collected database to calculate the most likely human emotional state under different conditions of blood pressure, and heart rate. After analyzing the data, it would be uploaded into the game, and the game progresses will differ through different emotional conditions. As an example, in the 2D sketch, you will play the role of our protagonist who wants to escape from a mental hospital. In the process, you need to evade catches from nurses and even ghosts. In the sketch, the player hides in a locker from a first-person perspective and can hear his or her breathing, heartbeat, and the footsteps of the nurses. The loudness of your heartbeat is adjusted by the smartwatch detection. If your heartbeat is too fast, it will be heard by the nurse and the player will be caught out and the game is over. Also, if some strong players desensitized to the horror games may feel no fear, in this case the system will also enhance the difficulty of the game; On the opposite, if the player is too nervous will be appropriate to reduce the difficulty of the game. I think the adaptive difficulty and real-life conditions will make horror games more interesting.