Conjecture: An Educational Game about Chemical Diaster


In a recent incident in East Palestine, Ohio, a train carrying the dangerous chemical vinyl chloride started a fire after derailing on Feb. 3. This is a toxic chemical that can affect the local air and groundwater. However, many residents were unaware of the danger. Many local residents refused to leave.
This was inspired by the chemical leak in Ohio. This design is an educational 2D game “Disaster Day”. The game will be available on mobile devices, especially phones, to give more people who don’t play console games the opportunity to experience it. It will be free. The game mechanics are simple, in order to be available to all user groups, even those who have not played any related games. These are designed to be highly accessible to all users.
The game is about how to educate the residents about what to do in the related case of danger through games. Taking 60 seconds as an example, which is an action-adventure video game.

[60 Seconds!]

The game follows the McDoodle family (Ted, Dolores, Mary Jane, and Timmy) as they try to survive the effects of a nuclear apocalypse for as long as possible. First, the player has the titular 60 seconds to acquire whatever supplies, family members, and diversional items (e.g. a checkers set), and bring them to an underground shelter. Referring to the flow of 60 seconds, I designed some options of items that players can take when disaster strikes. For example, some of the items you can take with you: more clothes to prevent you from coming into contact with harmful chemicals in the air, mineral water to ensure that you have a safe source of water, and car keys to ensure that you are in a relatively closed room and can move around flexibly. As the game progresses, the system will give you some feedback on the different options you make to help players understand which moves will have better results when a crisis comes.

Keywords: educational game, diaster, chemical