A different use for old newspapers and advertising: a study of recycled cellulose fibers


Paper, in general, can only be recycled five times before the fiber loses its properties. The recycled fibers must be mixed with new or virgin threads. Newsprint is the type of paper used to print newspapers and most of the advertising you receive in your mail at home. This paper is made mainly of wood pulp, divided into mechanical and chemical pulp. The second is the process fibers or feedstock goes through to dissolve the lignin that binds the cellulose fibers together. That process prevents the paper from changing color over time.

Instead of throwing away the advertising and newspapers we have at home, it is time to use them in a different application.  It is proposed to analyze the characteristics and properties of the newsprint paper after it went through many recycling stages. The fibers that make up this material no longer have the necessary length to re-form paper of the same quality that guarantees high-quality printing. Therefore, this study focuses on recovering this material and, with the results obtained, demonstrates the feasibility or possible application in a different area bearing in mind that it cannot be used with food due to the inks used in the printing stage.