The Rise Of The Social Enterprise: A New Paradigm For Business


The article discusses the rise of social enterprise, which is a business model where companies prioritize social and environmental impact alongside financial performance. The author argues that this model is becoming increasingly popular as consumers and employees demand more purpose-driven companies, and as technology makes it easier for companies to measure and track their impact. The author also suggests that this shift towards social enterprise represents a new paradigm for business and that companies that embrace it will be more successful in the long term.

Reflective Analysis

Unlike human-centered models which are focused on the needs of humans, social enterprise takes a rather comprehensive look at the problems we are in. One could argue that humans are the center of society, but I would consider this article has a broader outlook than human-centered design. Social entrepreneurship has the capability of shedding light on society as a whole, something which HCD lacks oftentimes.


Bersin, J. (2018, April 4). The rise of the Social Enterprise: A new paradigm for business. Forbes.